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Welcome to my Astro Web!

I have been interested in astronomy since my childhood. At the beginning I was most interested in comets. Later I focused on minor planets. Both are still very interesting to me.

Although I have a 10 inch Newtonian telescope and sometimes I watch the sky from my backyard, all my discoveries so far were made partly via internet just sitting behind my PC and partly as a visitor hunter at Konkoly Observatory with professional set up.

I write about my work in hope, that it could inspire someone ...

teleskop Newton 250/1200

          This is my Newton 250/1200 + Meade DSI II camera

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dot Asteroids with computed orbits
asteroids total: 717 768
permanent number: 474 120
multi-oppositon: 134 044
single-oppostion: 109 604
named asteroids: 20 215

more statistics

Last update: 2016 08.19

odrazka My discoveries total: 358
Apache Point (705): 4
Konkoly Obs (461): 182
Moorook Obs (D90): 1
Rodeo Obs (H11): 1
Sierra Stars Obs (G68): 1
iTelescope Obs (H06): 7
iTelescope Obs (Q62): 4
SkyMorph/NEAT (644): 155
FMO Spacewatch (691): 3
Aktuálna fáza Mesiaca

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