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Zdenka Vávrová

Zdenka Vávrová (* 1945) is a Czech astronomer. She worked at Klet Observatory for 20 years. She discovered more than hundred minor planets and co-discovered 1 short periodic comet.

She worked at Klet Observatory as assistant of Antonín Mrkos during years 1975 - 1995. She worked on astrometry of asteroids and comets. Discoveries of 115 minor planets, with permanent number were credited to Zdenka Vávrová. One of her discoveries - asteroid 1983 JG - turned out to be a periodic comet. It is known as a 134P/Kowal-Vávrová.

Entrance to the world od asteroids and comets at Kle
Foto: Kürti                   

Intruments used for minor planets and comet search at Kle Observatory
Foto: Kürti                   

Asteroid 3364 discovered by Antonín Mrkos on April 5, 1984 at Kle Observatory was named to her honour   (3364) Zdenka.

(3364) Zdenka = 1984 GF

Named in honour of Zdenka Vávrová for her 20 devoted years in the atrometric program at Kle.

List of comets discovered by Zdenka Vávrová
Date of discovery
at discovery
1983 May 14
16.5 magn.
1983 t


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  My discoveries total:             334
    Apache Point (705):                   3

    Konkoly Obs (461):                 177

    Moorook Obs (D90):                   1
    Rodeo Obs (H11):                       1
    Sierra Stars Obs (G68):              1
    RAS Observatory (H06):             7
   SkyMorph/NEAT (644):           141
   FMO Spacewatch (691):              3
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