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FMO Spacewatch Project

Near Earth Asteroids discovered in FMO Spacewatch Project

FMO Spacewatch project started on January 2004 and lasted untill March 2006. Its main task was to search for Fast Moving Objects (FMO) on images taken by Steward Observatory on Kitt Peak, Arizona, USA. There could take part in this project also volunteers from all over the world. Thanks to the internet connection everyone could search for new FMO online. When someone found a moving object on images, the professional astronomers from Kitt Peak tried to find another positions of this object to obtain more precise orbital elements of asteroid.

I started my search in July 2005 and in a short time I found my first Near Earth asteroid on August 31: 2005 QP87. Then in October it was followed by my second discovery: 2005 UF, and in another 2 months time I have got 3 NEA in total - my third NEA was discovered on Dec. 21 : 2005 YK.

Who knows whether I could find more NEA, in March 2006 this project was closed down.

List of NEA discoveries

Provisional designation
Observed arc
Asteroid Class
2005 QP87
2005 Aug. 31 - Sept. 29
2005 UF
2005 Oct. 22 - 23
2005 YK
2005 Dec. 21 - 24

Last update: 2010 March 16