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Here is a collection of useful links where you can find additional information about selected topics regarding asteroids & comets world.

Links are divided into several sections:

  • Asteroids
  • Comets
  • Observatories
  • Automatizované observatória
  • Personal web pages
  • Organisations
  • Famous astronomers
  • Astronomical magazines
  • Discuss and email forums
  • Miscellaneous
  • Traffic Report Earth´s busy neighbourhood Tom's Asteroid Flybys list of known asteroids with upcoming close approach NEA database The Near-Earth Asteroids Data Base NeoDys Near Earth Objets Dynamic Site Asteroid Watch NASA´s web about NEO objects approaching Earth Earth Impact Risk Earth Impact Risk Table Near-Earth Object Program NASA´s NEO program NEO orbital elemnts of NEO Forthcoming Close Approaches NEO close approaches to Earth PHA approaches of PHA asteroids approaches NEO page NEO Earth Close Approaches another page about close approaches Goldstone list of objects searched by radar in Goldstone Radar detected asteroids Radar detected asteroids General Slovak Asteroids Asteroids discovered from Slovakia Kleine planeten German website about asteroids


    Asteroid hunting

    General about asteroids

    SkyMorphNEAT images database
    Solar System Object Search useful pages for asteroid hunter
    ASTPLOT Asteroid Location Plot
    Julian Date Conversion online conversion tool
    RA and Dec conversion RA and Dec online conversion
    MPEC recent Minor Planet Electronic Circular
    MPEph Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service
    ONS MPC databáza jednodňových pozorovaní MPC
    Marco Langbroek´s Guide Guide to discovering new asteroids in NEAT archive
    Asteroid Data Services užitočná stránka pre pozorovateľov
    FMO Spacewatch FMO Spacewatch project
    Asteroids discovrered from Slovakia German website about asteroids
    Kleine planeten German website about asteroids

    Near Earth Objects

    Traffic ReportEarth´s busy neighbourhood
    NEA database The Near-Earth Asteroids Data Base
    NeoDysNear Earth Objets Dynamic Site