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Great comets from the past and recent comets

Great comets from the past

Great comets in the past usually frightened people and they were taken for a bad signs. Of course this changed a lot a long time ago. In these days thanks to the spacecraft SOHO new comet discoveries are common and almost on a daily basis. In spite of this, the sight of a comet just by a naked eye never would be boring as they are always different.


Great comet Donati in 1858


Great comet 1681 II. in 1681

No, I did not see those great comets of the past, but it surely must be a wonderful view on the sky. On the first picture is a drawing of comet Donati from 1858 and on the second is a drawing of great comet 1861 II.

Both reproduns are from the book of J.J. von Litrow: Die Wunders des Himmels, published in 1878, Berlin.

From latest comets I admired comet 17P/Holmes and I was very sorry that I missed the Great comet of 2007 McNaught with its amazing tails...

Comet observations 2010

Lately I visited Baja Observatory in Southern Hungary where we tried to image few recent comets. Here is the result of our imaging.

Picture of C/2007 Q3 is composition of 15 images of 60 sec and then processed in MaxIm DL and Photoshop.

kometa 2007 Q3

C/2007 Q3