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Tomáš Vorobjov

lovec komét Tomáš Vorobjov

Tomáš Vorobjov,(* 1984) is a Slovak amateur astronomer. He is a member of the International Astronomy Search Collaboration (IASC) team.

They run an educational outreach program for high schools and colleges, which allows their students to participate in asteroid hunting programm at no cost.

He graduated from Colbylege, Maine, USA in the field of computer science, mathematics and physics. Although astronomy attracted him since his childhood, he started with serious asteroid work only in 2010. Despite the relatively short period of time involved, he discovered except of many Main Belt asteroids, also an TNO as well as an NEO objects. And most recently he managed to find a new periodic comet P/2012 T7.

Asteroid 1985 UA discovered by J. Gibson on Palomar plates in 1985 Oct. 23 was named in his honor   (4858) Vorobjov. The name was suggested by his fellow IASC astronomer Sergio Foglia from Italy.

Citation published in Minor Planet Circular:

(4858) Vorobjov = 1985 UA
        Amateur astronomer Tomas Vorobjov (b. 1984) is an assiduous observer of minor planets and a participant in the International Astronomical Search Collaboration. He has been responsible for verifying student asteroid discoveries and taking follow-up images to complete the discovery process. Name suggested by S. Foglia.

List of comets discovered by Tomáš Vorobjov

Date of discovery
at discovery
P/2012 T7
2012 Oct 15
20,1 magn.
P/2012 T7


  • MPEC 2012-U40